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Are Marriage Proposals Outdated?

Are Marriage Proposals Outdated?

From the New York Times: Think about couples you know who are married. Do you know the stories of how any of them got engaged? If so, what are those stories?

Have you read any books or seen shows or movies in which a marriage proposal happens? What, if anything, do you like about how those proposals take place? Do you hope you will have a similar moment someday?

In “Forget the Fancy Proposal. Let’s Just Get Married.” by Suzannah Weiss, she writes: “The proposal is often deemed an essential step toward marriage, having been around since ancient Rome. But many couples today consider it obsolete or superfluous. Some could do without the engagement ring as well.” What do you think? Do proposals seem essential and timeless — a necessary step on the road to marriage? Or do they seem outdated in today’s world?

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