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 You have all heard about AI, well how about AO?

Fifty+ years of research in medicine, nursing, dentistry, public health, psychotherapy and many other fields have shown that advance orientation (AO) defuses consumer anxiety, improves compliance, ecological validity, and satisfaction. AO is associated with greater service efficiency, efficacy, and longer lasting outcomes.

Its time to introduce AO to family law.

Daubert Considerations in Forensic Evaluations by Telepsychiatry

Forensic psychiatrist Patricia R. Recupero, JD, MD offers an extensive examination in light of Daubert of the increased use of telepsychology and telepsychology in forensic examinations

She notes that the COVID-19 pandemic has increased demand for telepsychiatric services. To date, courts have not addressed whether testimony based on a telepsychiatric...

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How Are You, Really?

New York Times Science Section write Dana Smith asks “How are you, really?”

She answers: We know we should get a physical exam every year; we have annual reviews at work; some couples even do periodic relationship audits. And yet many of us don’t regularly check in with our emotional...

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