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Behind the Sticker Shock: Hidden Divorce Costs

Behind the Sticker Shock: Hidden Divorce Costs

A recent Kiplinger article explains that divorce is not only emotionally challenging, but also financially draining. 

It is often a time of emotional upheaval, resulting in stress and anxiety about the future. Financial costs can add to the overall stress of the situation. While you may expect that two households will cost more to maintain than one, there are less well-known related costs as well. You can make more informed decisions and prepare for the financial impact of divorce by understanding these hidden costs.

The article explores three specific areas where hidden costs of divorce can surface: health insurance, retirement accounts and real estate. 

Each aspect plays a significant role in a couple's financial stability, and the division of assets can lead to unforeseen expenses and complications. By being aware of these potential pitfalls, individuals can better prepare themselves for the financial consequences of divorce. In addition, knowledge about these hidden costs allows people to navigate the complex divorce process confidently and better understand how to protect their financial future.

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