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Child & Family Therapy

Individual, Family and Couples Therapy Every family faces its own set of challenges and setbacks. Stress and conflict can challenge and sometimes exhaust even the strongest of family units. If conflicts are not addressed and resolved they can snowball into more serious problems. Therapy for the individual, the couple, or sometimes the whole family beneficial for...
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Timesharing Evaluations

  Child custody evaluations (now referred to as “timesharing” evaluations) may be ordered by the judge, or may be requested by the parents or their attorneys when parents cannot agree on how time with their children will be shared, or when there is a concern about a parent’s capacity to parent effectively or responsibly. Read more

Civil Court Evaluations

CIVIL COURT EVALUATIONS:  PERSONAL INJURY, EMPLOYMENT BASED CLAIMS (e.g., SEXUAL HARASSMENT, RACE OR AGE DISCRIMINATION)   Claims for “emotional distress” or the “willful infliction of emotional distress” arising out of a personal injury (e.g., car accident, premises liability, etc.) or employment (e.g., sexual harassment, race, or age, discrimination) may be filed...
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Immigration Evaluations

Evaluations for persons seeking asylum or immigration waivers typically fall into three broad categories (i) hardship waivers, (ii) asylum applications, and (iii) VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) evaluations. Check below to see which category is more appropriate for your specific case. Give our offices a call at (305) 624-7900 for more information.
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