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My Mask, My Safety Signal, My Social Contract

My Mask, My Safety Signal, My Social Contract

As vaccines have become increasingly available, and vaccination rates rise, and infection rates lower, Americans are emerging from social distancing and carefully returning to “normal”.

My colleagues continue to discuss just “how-to” resume their practices moving from “zoom” back to an office. 

The New York Times science and health sections offered two recent articles on masks and vaccinations: 

One (“My Mask, My Safety Signal, My Social Contract”) by Glynnis McNicol, described the author’s walk around New York City and the observations she made about New Yorkers’ reasons for “masking up” – even if vaccinated.The other (“To Weaken a Mortal Threat, Do One Simple Thing”), by Jane Brody, now eighty, who has been writing for decades about “Personal Health”, recognizes that “too many Americans don’t seem to realize just how easily the novel coronavirus spreads and how awful COVID-19 can be.  It is prompting far too many people to avoid getting any vaccine,…..” and she gently urged her readers to “get fully vaccinated, it greatly outweighs the risk of not getting shots to fight COVID-19”.

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