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Negotiate & Renegotiate Chores

Negotiate & Renegotiate Chores

From Harvard Business Review: The stress of the Covid-19 pandemic has created a volatile situation inside many homes, damaging even strong partnerships, ending others, and overwhelming family attorneys in some areas with divorce inquiries. Balancing the demands of working from home with added domestic responsibilities such as cooking, cleaning, childcare, and homeschooling is increasing the strain on couples, and researchers around the globe have found that pandemic life has exacerbated the existing domestic labor gender gap, with women reporting being far more dissatisfied with the division of time between paid and unpaid work than men.

Couples navigating this ongoing crisis should negotiate — or renegotiate — this division and how they’ll manage the boundaries between work and home duties. As revealed in a book we recently edited, Research Handbook on Gender and Negotiation, understanding the causes of tension and bringing a few negotiation skills that are already part of your professional problem-solving repertoire into your home can improve your relationship.

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