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Readers Help Requested – Psychology Interstate Licensing (PSYPACT)

Readers Help Requested – Psychology Interstate Licensing (PSYPACT)

I am asking my readers to support the passage of legislation in Florida regarding PSYPACT by writing to their Florida congressional representatives or forwarding this e-mail with a cover note expressing your endorsement of the legislation (See below “HOW DO I CONTACT MY CONGRESSMAN?”)


Currently, psychologists licensed in Florida are prohibited from providing services to out-of-state patients via telehealth. Telepsychology services can allow people, such as students who attend college in a different state, to continue to receive care without switching providers. 

Expanding telehealth could also fill gaps in behavioral health care. 

As of March 14, Florida is one step closer to joining PSYPACT, which would allow residents to continue receiving behavioral health care from their provider via telehealth, even across state lines. 

  • What is PSYPACT

PSYPACT is an interstate compact designed to allow licensed psychologists to practice of telepsychology and conduct temporary in-person face-to-face practice of psychology across state boundaries legally and ethically without necessitating that an individual become licensed in every state to practice.

  • Why is PSYPACT important?

In the midst of an ongoing mental health care crisis in the United States, and in Florida, there is an increasing need for accessible and continuous care from qualified mental health care professionals like licensed psychologists. PSYPACT, is an interstate compact designed to increase access to mental health care services through telepsychology.

Telehealth procedures for psychological treatment has been repeatedly demonstrated to be effective and provides several advantages over traditional treatment methods such as accessibility, versatility and affordability. PSYPACT allows for the provision of psychological services via telecommunications technologies across state lines by licensed psychologists.

CLICK HERE to read more.

If this makes sense to you then on behalf of my Florida psychology colleagues I urge you to forward this e-mail (along with a brief message of endorsement) to your Florida legislators with your support for 

HB 35: Pub. Rec. and Meetings/Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact, and 

SB 56: Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact


To find your local Florida representative go to:

To find your Florida senator go to: https://www.flsenate.gov/Senators/Find

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