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The Pros and Cons of Prenups

The Pros and Cons of Prenups

From U.S. News & World Report Money: There are many advantages and disadvantages of thinking about getting a prenupital agreement. A prenup forces parents to to discuss money, including the current credit and debt. It can reduce the cost of divorce by providing more certainity and saving costs of obtaining a divorce attorney. 

More importantly, a prenup can protect friends and family. This is more critical when either of the divorcing couple is current in a joint venture of business. According to divorced business owners, they would be putting the other partner at risk if either have a contentious divorce with a spouse who could hurt the business without a prenup. Meanwhile, prenup works similarly for preserving family assets. 

The drawbacks are also necessary to be considered. First, the prenup may favor one spouse and taking about divorce before marriage may ruin an otherwise perfect relationship.

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