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The Resurgence of Antisemitism in America

The Resurgence of Antisemitism in America

"Antisemitism is only coming back because it’s being encouraged to come back....   There has been an invitation to a toxic dance based on antisemitism being part of an ideology of separation and racism and Islamophobia and xenophobia, and it’s come barreling back....  It’s been weaponized and it’s been encouraged more and more."
—Steven Spielberg

A month ago the Anti Defamation League (ADL) issued a report: “Antisemitic Attitudes in America.” Here’s are excerpts:

Widespread belief in anti-Jewish tropes, at rates unseen for decades

Respondents were asked to rate the truthfulness of 14 statements describing different traditional anti-Jewish tropes. These tropes reference common anti-Jewish conspiracies theories that previous research has shown lead to hostility and violence. 

Over three-quarters of Americans (85 percent) believe at least one anti-Jewish trope, as opposed to 61 percent found in 2019…. 

…..Twenty percent of Americans believe six or more tropes, which is significantly more than the 11 percent that ADL found in 2019 and is the highest level measured in decades.

Another excerpt: Researchers observed greater belief in anti-Jewish tropes among young adults (ages 18-30) in the 2022 survey than in prior research.

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